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3 Ways to Help Coyote Valley in 2019

Photo Credit: Miguel Lepoutre Rinon

Happy new year, fans of Coyote Valley!

2019 is here and with it a host of opportunities to help environmental efforts near you. When it comes to preserving the Peninsula’s most endangered landscape, here are some specific things you can commit to doing in this new year. We’re excited to use the momentum of the calendar’s change to spur on greater efforts to Protect Coyote Valley.

  1. Sign up to Rally for Coyote Valley

The fate of Coyote Valley is ultimately determined primarily by the City of San Jose, and for the first time in many years the city council is holding a specific study session on the Valley. This is a fantastic opportunity to express to the city’s elected leaders the importance of preserving Coyote Valley for the future. Take advantage of the visibility of the public process and join us for a rally on the day of the study session to encourage San Jose to make decisions that will be beneficial to the region for generations.

  1. Share our petition with your friends and neighbors

We need to demonstrate a broad base of public support, one that extends far beyond the day of a single study session. Our petition to protect Coyote Valley has thousands of signatures, and stands as a testament to the public will that supports preserving the unique wildlife corridor, protecting water resources, and creating a space for recreation and relaxation amid the bustle of Silicon Valley. Share the petition link with nature lovers you know:

  1. Learn about the incredible creatures that share our region

As the connection between the Santa Cruz and Diablo Mountain ranges, Coyote Valley plays host to a number of fascinating species, from migrating birds looking for a sunnier winter home to colorful trout in the waterways to the eponymous coyote. The more you know about the various creatures that call Coyote Valley home, the more you’ll be motivated to protect it! Sign up for a wildlife tracking hike at Coyote Creek Parkway on January 19th to learn more about the critters in Coyote Valley and how to look for signs of them on the trail. Also, if you find a wild animal in need, check out this indispensable guide from Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley on what to do.

About Protect Coyote Valley

The Protect Coyote Valley campaign is led by Committee for Green Foothills and supported by Greenbelt Alliance, Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful, Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society, Sierra Club Loma Prieta Chapter, SAGE — Sustainable Agriculture Education, and the Land Trust of Santa Clara Valley. It aims to preserve Coyote Valley, San Jose as open space that offers flood-buffering wetlands, an essential wildlife habitat and migratory area, and active farmlands.

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