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San Jose residents rallied for protecting land in Coyote Valley (DingDing TV)

On January 22, San Jose residents and neighbors gathered outside of San Jose City Hall to protect the land in Coyote Valley. Silicon Valley Innovation Channel Ding Ding TV reporter Rui interviewed Megan Floke, Executive Director of Green Foothills, and Shay Franco-Clausen, who is the Director of district 5 in Open Space Authority. This is […]

San Jose: Environmental groups urge city to preserve Coyote Valley (Mercury News)

As San Jose grapples with what to do with Coyote Valley, environmentalists Tuesday urged the City Council to protect the largely open space south of downtown from development. Coyote Valley, groups like the Committee for Green Foothills and the Greenbelt Alliance argue, helps protect the city from devastating floods like the one that destroyed homes […]

San Jose Council Mulls Plans for Coyote Valley, Measure T Funds (San Jose Inside)

Voters overwhelmingly passed Measure T in November, allocating $650 million for emergency preparedness and public infrastructure. That price tag—by far the largest voter-approved bond in the city’s history—also included up to $50 million for land conservation largely in the Coyote Valley. On Tuesday, the San Jose City Council will discuss Measure T-related conservation plansfor Coyote Valley, which is one of […]

Opinion: Make livable climate a New Year’s resolution (Mercury News)

Gavin Newsom

At New Year’s many parents make resolutions, like preparing healthier meals or spending more time with family. This year, some Bay Area mothers are adding a new kind of resolution: preserving a livable climate for all children. In the wake of wildfires and superstorms, parents are realizing that our children’s future is in grave jeopardy. […]

How San Jose Would Spend the November Ballot Money

If San Jose voters approve a pair of bond measure in November, millions of dollars will be spent on repaving pockmarked streets, protecting homes from devastating floods like the Coyote Creek… Read more here.

Op-Ed: Vote No on B, Yes on C To Protect the Environment

Which is more important: developers’ profits or the environment? Two ballot measures—Measure B and Measure C—are posing that question to San Jose voters on June 5. If you care about the environment, you should vote no on Measure B and yes on Measure C. Measure B (see Evergreen Homes Initiative: A Wolf in Grandma’s Clothing) is a […]