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Habitat Agency Poised to Purchase 604 Acres in Coyote Valley

Good news! Soon, we hope to be celebrating the conservation of over six hundred acres of hillside land at the southern end of Coyote Valley. This land contains rare and endangered plant species as well as critical habitat for the endangered Bay checkerspot butterfly. This is a big win for the Protect Coyote Valley effort! […]

Vernal Pools: Coyote Valley’s Seasonal Special

As part of our campaign to protect Coyote Valley, we’ve talked a lot about its remarkable biodiversity and the different types of habitats you can find within it. But while most of the habitats in Coyote Valley are present year-round, there’s a very special one that exists only in the rainy season. Meet the vernal […]

Get Ready to Rally for Coyote Valley!

Meet us on January 22, 2019 from 12 pm – 1:30 pm at San Jose City Hall Coyote Valley has come a long way in many respects, but perhaps its most dramatic progress has been made in public opinion.  While the Valley was known to nature enthusiasts and some local residents for decades, before the past […]

Rare, Endangered, and at Home in Coyote Valley

As some of the last remaining undeveloped flat land in Santa Clara County, Coyote Valley is the last place of refuge for several rare species that have been driven out of the rest of Silicon Valley by increasing development.  It holds the potential for more ecological restoration and regeneration, making it all the more important […]

Stand Up for Coyote Valley

by Justyne Schnupp, Committee for Green Foothills Love Coyote Valley? We do too. This regional treasure brings so much value to San Jose making it irreplaceable. It offers wetlands that buffer against flooding, an essential wildlife habitat and migratory area, active farmlands, and open space for all of us to enjoy. Unfortunately, it’s been threatened by […]

San Jose’s Measure T: Protecting Coyote Valley

by Alice Kaufman, Legislative Advocacy Director of Committee for Green Foothills This November, San Jose voters will have the chance to help save Coyote Valley while also voting for disaster preparedness, public safety, and infrastructure. Measure T, a bond measure on the November 2018 ballot, will provide up to $50 million in funding for land […]

Why Preserving Coyote Valley Protects the Water Supplies for Silicon Valley

By Pat Ferraro. This article was originally published on the Sierra Club – Loma Prieta Chapter’s website. You can read the original post here.   “Coyote Valley acts essentially like a 7500-acre percolation pond and is the de facto forebay for the Santa Clara Groundwater Basin, which serves some 2 million residents and businesses in Santa Clara County. For […]

A History of Protecting Coyote Valley

Coyote Valley is a 7,400-acre area in southern San Jose and one of the last vestiges of Santa Clara County’s agricultural heritage. Still used today primarily for farming, it also functions as one of the few places where wildlife can migrate between the Diablo Range and the Santa Cruz Mountains. For decades, organizations have fought […]

Indigenous People Protecting Coyote Valley and Beyond

By Protect Coyote Valley Staff The following article is based on an interview with EkOngKar Singh Khalsa, Executive Director of the Amah Mutsun Land Trust (AMLT), to hear about the history of indigenous people in the Coyote Valley, and how they are helping conserve and protect the land today. Although not a member of the tribe, […]

6 Wild Animals to Track in Coyote Valley

  Chances are if you’ve been out on a hike in Coyote Valley, you’ve seen animal tracks throughout the area. Before you go on your next hike, flip through our guide, 6 Animals & Their Tracks, to make your time a little more fun. Tracks are like clues to a great puzzle. They teach us who’s […]