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How You Can Celebrate World Environment Day

It’s almost Summer, and what better time to visit Coyote Valley and help us celebrate World Environment Day? World Environment Day is the biggest global annual event for positive environmental action and takes place every June 5th. It covers everything from stopping the illegal wildlife trade to beating plastic pollution! World Environment Day was established […]

Coyote Valley Land Bridge: Saving Animals, Protecting People

By Galli Basson, Open Space Authority of Santa Clara Valley As anyone who lives in the Bay Area knows, a high-speed train connecting Northern to Southern California is in the works after being approved by voters in 2008. With the rail line planned to run through Coyote Valley, the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority […]

A Showy Display of Rare — and At-Risk — California Wildflowers

By Protect Coyote Valley Staff Peacocks fanning their tails. Cherry blossom trees blooming en masse. Whales breaching. It’s breathtaking when nature pulls out all the stops. And here in Coyote Valley, wildflower season is a prime example. Coyote Valley’s wildflower season is not only a spectacular sight, it’s also a unique opportunity for an up-close […]

Coyote Valley: Despite Progress, New Threat Looms

by Mackenzie Mossing, Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society and Megan Medeiros, Committee for Green Foothills Nestled in the southern reach of San Jose, Coyote Valley is a beautiful, unique and irreplaceable landscape of regional importance. More than 200 species of local and migratory birds can be found in Coyote Valley, as they seek sustenance in […]

Why We Need to Protect Coyote Valley

 By Chuck Cantrell, Member of the Board, Committee for Green Foothills Welcome to Coyote Valley Stretching seven miles between San Jose and Morgan Hill this valley is a critical connection — a vital landscape linkage — between the Diablo Range and the Santa Cruz Mountains. Bobcats, mountain lions, coyotes and a host of other creatures […]

Coyote Valley: A Watershed View

By Megan Medeiros, Executive Director, Committee for Green Foothills and Brian Mendenhall, Project Manager, Water Resources Planning and Policy, Santa Clara Valley Water District The 321-square mile Coyote Watershed is the largest and most diverse in Santa Clara County. It encompasses parts of Morgan Hill, San Jose, and Milpitas, and contains more than 30 creeks, all of […]

Sprawl Isn’t Smart Growth: A Brief Overview of a Complex Issue

  By Alice Kaufman, Legislative Advocacy Director, Committee for Green Foothills What is sprawl? Most people agree that sprawl development — unchecked or unplanned development out on the fringes of an urban area — is the wrong path for future growth. Sprawl consumes precious open space with low-density development that requires people to drive longer distances […]