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Ask County Supervisors To Support Coyote Valley Climate Change Overlay Zone

Photo from Santa Teresa County Park looking out toward Coyote Valley by Amanda Henry

June 3, 2021

On Tuesday, June 8, the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors will give direction to County staff concerning a proposed Climate Change Overlay Zone that would prevent monster homes and encourage conservation of farmland and open space in Mid and South Coyote Valley. Please ask the Supervisors to continue to support the Climate Change Overlay Zone.

Coyote Valley Farmland Is Threatened By Monster Homes

Farmland in Coyote Valley and throughout southern Santa Clara County is under threat from development. With the City of San Jose preparing to take action later this year to change North Coyote Valley’s land use designation from industrial development to open space and agriculture, the biggest threat in this area will hopefully be removed.

But there is still a risk that the fields and farmlands of Mid and South Coyote Valley, which are in Santa Clara County’s jurisdiction, could be sold for giant rural estate home development. There has already been one monster home proposed in Mid Coyote Valley, directly adjacent to the Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve. Not only are such giant luxury homes inappropriate for Coyote Valley, they pose a significant climate risk from increased greenhouse gas emissions and loss of farmland and habitat. In addition, increasing the amount of development in the Coyote Valley groundwater recharge area will reduce the amount of rainfall absorbed into the soil to replenish the groundwater aquifer.

The County’s Proposed Climate Overlay Zone Will Protect Open Space and Farmland

The Climate Change Overlay Zone, as proposed, contains both limitations on inappropriate development in Coyote Valley and incentives for conservation of farmland and open space. The restrictions would limit the size of future homes and the total amount of development footprint, while the incentives would allow funding for open space easements and climate-smart agricultural practices.

If the Supervisors direct County staff to continue to develop the Climate Overlay Zone as proposed, the Supervisors will vote on the final draft in August or September of this year.

Please email the Supervisors and ask them to continue to support the Climate Overlay Zone to protect Coyote Valley!