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On Thursday, November 30, the city of San Jose will hold a virtual community meeting to hear from the public about the Heritage Oaks Memorial Park, a massive project that threatens to block wildlife movement through Coyote Valley. Please use the form below to ask the city to require a supplemental environmental review to accurately […]

Update: Thank you to the many people who participated in the City of San Jose community meeting on August 28. The city definitely heard from the public that Coyote Valley needs to be protected from development, including along the Monterey Road corridor. The city is continuing to gather community feedback on this issue and eventually […]

2022-11-02 Less than 1 year ago, San Jose made the historic decision to protect Coyote Valley from industrial development. Now, the same landowners who tried to get a huge Amazon-style warehouse approved in Coyote Valley are back with yet another destructive development proposal, which would bypass local planning rules and convert 128 acres of open […]

2022-07-28 On June 8th, the San Jose Planning Commission voted 5-3 to direct city staff to conduct a more thorough review of environmental issues with a proposed development along the Santa Teresa ridge. The 17-acre property is ecologically part of Coyote Valley but the City planning maps show it as just north and outside of […]

Map showing vulnerable groundwater resources in Coyote Valley

2022-06-21 By Malek Jelassi, Marketing and Communications Associate, Greenbelt Alliance California is no stranger to droughts. They have been a part of the state’s history for centuries. However, the severity of the current drought crisis underscores how important it is for Californians to use water resources wisely. The state of the climate is changing, and […]

2022-06-07 On Wednesday, June 8, the San Jose Planning Commission will consider whether to approve a 5,900 square foot residence on environmentally sensitive, undeveloped land at the north end of Coyote Valley. The location includes an old canal that offers one of only two safe spots for wildlife to cross Santa Teresa Boulevard. Please tell […]

Coyote Valley farmland

2022-04-15 On Tuesday, April 19, the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors will decide whether to continue making progress on protecting Coyote Valley’s farmland and open space. Please ask the Supervisors to keep moving the process forward and to keep all options on the table that will help preserve farmland and open space. What’s Happening […]

2022-03-06 On Tuesday, March 8, San Jose Planning staff will give a presentation to the City Council about potentially allowing new commercial activities like restaurants and beer gardens along Monterey Road in Coyote Valley. Please ask the City to ensure that any new uses do not increase harm to wildlife habitat and connectivity in Coyote […]

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