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Thank San Jose for Being Climate Smart!

By Paul Ledesma

On February 27, the San Jose City Council approved the “Climate Smart San Jose” plan. This plan represents the City’s roadmap for local action to reduce the impacts of Climate Change. Committee for Green Foothills and other environmental groups worked to have the plan include a reference to the role of open space in fighting climate change. As a result of our efforts, the City will be conducting a study to understand the benefits provided by “natural and working lands” in San Jose. The approval of this plan by the City Council to approve this study signals a changing view at City Hall regarding the true value of open space, including Coyote Valley.

Please send a “thank you” letter to the City Council, letting them know that you support their bold action. The study that the City will be developing is an important first step to ensuring that San Jose has the best information possible for making land use decisions regarding its open spaces. Your thank you letter will remind the City that the Committee for Green Foothills not only supports their efforts, but that we will be active partners to ensure that our interest in protecting open spaces is represented.

You can use the form provided here.