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The Top Things to Do with Kids in Coyote Valley

By Protect Coyote Valley Staff

Now that spring has arrived and summer is upon us, are you seeking enriching and fun activities to do with your kids (or those who are kids at heart)? Coyote Valley has you covered. Wild animals, colorful flowers, scenic hikes… the kids won’t even miss their cell phones or video game controllers. So get outside to try any of our recommendations — all which cost absolutely nothing!


Photo Credit: Bob Cossins

Photograph wild animals.

Coyote Valley is home to many animals, from endangered butterflies to kit foxes to bobcats to 215+ species of birds. Grab your cameras and take the kids on a photo safari. Check out the map to select your stomping grounds — you’ve got plenty of options!


Coyote Ridge. Photo Credit: Ron Erskine

Take a hike.

The Arrowhead Loop Trail offers 3 different routes, ranging from easy to challenging. If you make it to the top, you’ll enjoy beautiful vistas of the Coyote Valley, Mount Hamilton, and Mount Umunhum (say that 3 times, fast!). Sneak in a bit of education by reading the informative panels that line the path and explain what you’re seeing. And don’t worry — there’s plenty of free parking, along with restrooms and picnic tables.


It doesn’t get more local than this — Coyote Valley supports 4,000+ acres of agriculture, some of which you can purchase right on the spot. Hungry after your hike? Get fresh produce directly from Spina Farm, a family-owned agriculture business with roots in Santa Clara County dating back 3 generations. Show your kids where fruits and vegetables are actually grown.


Photo Credit: Ron Horii

Ride a bike.

Cruise throughout the Coyote Valley under the power of your own feet. Choose from flat, paved roads to hilly, off-road paths. Enjoy miles of car-free paths. Check out just some of the bike routes available to cyclists of all levels.


The Coyote Creek Parkway Trailis a mixed-use trail for bikers, walkers, and yes, rollerbladers. Meandering along Coyote Creek for 15 miles, the paved trail offers restrooms and picnic sites, along with plenty of diversions — from watching remote-controlled model planes to bird spotting in the creek.

Make a difference.

Teach your kids that they can make a difference. We’ve got plenty of opportunities for families to spread the wordabout the importance of protecting Coyote Valley. All volunteers receive a free t-shirt and hat!

We invite you to explore everything Coyote Valley has to offer to people of all ages. Enjoy this regional treasure — it’s your open space!