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A Conversation with Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley

Recently, Protect Coyote Valley talked with Laura Hawkins, the Executive Director of local wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organization, the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley (WCSV).  Longtime fans of their adorable videos of convalescing critters, we wanted to find our more about the work that goes into helping injured wild animals animals survive and thrive in […]

Keep Open Space Open

by Bryan Beck, Committee for Green Foothills Open space is just that — undeveloped land. Its value is truly immeasurable, especially in an impacted region like the Bay Area. It offers a natural habitat for wildlife and native plants, protects humans and our developments from flooding, and provides acreage for local agriculture. Open space like […]

Wildlife Safety, Open Space Conservation, and Romance

  Meet Tanya Diamond and Ahiga Snyder, researchers who specialize in identifying, monitoring, and implementing connectivity designs for wildlife movement. What does that mean? They work with land trusts and conservation organizations like Protect Coyote Valley to track local wildlife and evaluate the best ways to co-exist with it. Imagine a bobcat roaming to find food, water, […]

Coyote Valley: Despite Progress, New Threat Looms

by Mackenzie Mossing, Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society and Megan Medeiros, Committee for Green Foothills Nestled in the southern reach of San Jose, Coyote Valley is a beautiful, unique and irreplaceable landscape of regional importance. More than 200 species of local and migratory birds can be found in Coyote Valley, as they seek sustenance in […]

Coyote Valley: A Watershed View

By Megan Medeiros, Executive Director, Committee for Green Foothills and Brian Mendenhall, Project Manager, Water Resources Planning and Policy, Santa Clara Valley Water District The 321-square mile Coyote Watershed is the largest and most diverse in Santa Clara County. It encompasses parts of Morgan Hill, San Jose, and Milpitas, and contains more than 30 creeks, all of […]

Sprawl Isn’t Smart Growth: A Brief Overview of a Complex Issue

  By Alice Kaufman, Legislative Advocacy Director, Committee for Green Foothills What is sprawl? Most people agree that sprawl development — unchecked or unplanned development out on the fringes of an urban area — is the wrong path for future growth. Sprawl consumes precious open space with low-density development that requires people to drive longer distances […]