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What You Don’t Know About the Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve

  If you have recently spent time in Coyote Valley chances are you’ve been to the Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve. Those who have used the multi-use trail in the Preserve can attest to the inspiring views it offers of Coyote Valley’s rural landscape as well as Coyote Ridge, Mount Hamilton, and Mount Umunhum. But […]

AB 948 signed by Governor Newsom

Great news! The campaign to protect Coyote Valley got a big boost last month when Governor Gavin Newsom signed AB 948, creating the Coyote Valley Conservation Program.  “What Coyote Valley offers is irreplaceable: vibrant wetlands, an essential wildlife habitat and migratory area, active farmlands, a resource to fight climate change and open space for all […]

Habitat Agency Poised to Purchase 604 Acres in Coyote Valley

Good news! Soon, we hope to be celebrating the conservation of over six hundred acres of hillside land at the southern end of Coyote Valley. This land contains rare and endangered plant species as well as critical habitat for the endangered Bay checkerspot butterfly. This is a big win for the Protect Coyote Valley effort! […]

Re-envisioning Coyote Valley in General Plan Review

Great news! On June 11, the San Jose City Council voted to include discussion about the long-term future of Coyote Valley in the upcoming General Plan 4-Year Review. Thanks to everyone who sent emails or came to the City Council meeting — and thanks to the entire City Council for the unanimous vote, and especially […]

Tell the City Council to Protect Coyote Valley

On Tuesday, June 11, the San Jose City Council will be considering the scope of the General Plan 4-Year Review. Please tell the City Council to include protection of Coyote Valley in the scope. What’s Happening Every 4 years, San Jose reviews the General Plan and considers possible revisions. Much has changed at both the […]

Could there be a Coyote Valley Conservation Program?

Coyote Valley’s fate was uncertain and precarious just a few years ago, but the movement to protect it has rapidly gained influence and attention over the past year. Thousands of San Jose residents have signed a petition calling for protecting Coyote Valley. It’s a topic of serious discussion among the city council. The issue gained […]

Vernal Pools: Coyote Valley’s Seasonal Special

As part of our campaign to protect Coyote Valley, we’ve talked a lot about its remarkable biodiversity and the different types of habitats you can find within it. But while most of the habitats in Coyote Valley are present year-round, there’s a very special one that exists only in the rainy season. Meet the vernal […]

Catch Coyote Valley on TV!

Photo credit: Laurel Serieys

We’ve talked at length about how important Coyote Valley is for wildlife, for agriculture, and for groundwater, but did you know it’s also important for science? Like many biodiversity hotspots large and small, Coyote Valley has been the subject of scientific studies tracking its creatures and their habitats. One of the most comprehensive efforts to […]

San Jose City Council Discussed Coyote Valley, But Didn’t Vote On It

Three weeks after our successful Rally for Coyote Valley, the San Jose City Council met on Tuesday to discuss Measure T and whether to fund acquisition of land in Coyote Valley. While no vote on the $50 million for Coyote Valley occurred at Tuesday’s meeting due to procedural restrictions, Councilmember Sergio Jimenez was stalwart in […]